The reeds don’t make the man (or woman) (WARNING: RANT)

July 8, 2011

Occasionally I check in to to see what people might be buzzing about or who’s reeds are the newest rave. Sometimes I see a new name. Usually it’s the same ranting about so-and-so who makes the worst reeds in the world and yada yada yada. Not to diss my readers, but really. Grow up. It’s not like us reedmakers sit there pondering, “Hm… I wonder how I can promise reed customers the world, then sorrily disappoint them when they decide to purchase…”

While I’ve never officially met her, Jennet Ingle played at the IDRS convention, and played quite well. She has a website which is quite impressive, and her blog is inspiring and a fun read. So when I read a review like this one, which obviously seems to border on personal, I just roll my eyes, and think to myself, “Really? This is the way you want to get back?”

I think every reedmaker who’s been around for a while knows that there are plenty of different oboists, and different reed styles, and one magic reed will not suit everyone. Heck, one reed won’t suit one oboist if they just switch oboes. For someone to expect to get the right reed on the first try is simply unreasonable.

Similarly, I think most professional oboist knows that the reed doesn’t make the man. During the Woodhams Masterclass, he cracked his reed. After the masterclass, I offered him a good amount of cash for the cracked reed for research purposes, which he politely declined, simply stating “It won’t teach you anything! Learn how to play the oboe, not the reed!”

From a business perspective, I switched to subscription orders only because I wanted to build a relationship with every reed customer rather than a one time customer ordering to try and leave. I enjoy corresponding between my reed customers and getting feedback and trying to find the right fit for them. It keeps me on my toes, and keeps me in tune with the needs of every day players.

This summer, I’m finding that my production is quite a ways up, and I’m either scraping faster, or cutting out too many customers, so I’ve opened orders back up to the public. If you want to try my reeds, now is the time to contact me!


One Response to “The reeds don’t make the man (or woman) (WARNING: RANT)”

  1. Jennet said

    Thanks for your support, Cooper! Hope we do meet sometime!

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