Back in Bellingham at it again.

July 13, 2011

Well, I’m on vacation here in Washington where I’m taking care of some business. The first line of business was dropping off/catering some reeds for my friend Anne Krabill, and trying out her new Hiniker Acrylic oboe, affectionately titled “The Ice Princess”. DANG was it loud! It was modeled after John Ferillo’s BT oboe and it’s a monster of an oboe. Tom said Ferillo’s Loree has the old de Lancie ream job, and I can definitely feel the relation to that of David Weber’s ream job. Perhaps one was developed by the other or what not. (FYI, the de Lancie model oboe had different tone hole placement than the regular oboes, so while the bore might be similar the tuning probably isn’t.)

Next on the tour was Peter Hurd’s house in Bellingham where I proceeded to try 25 oboes and English Horns.

Some highlights:

  • A very nice Covey $4,200. Warmer sound than most coveys I’ve played.
  • A BE Loree oboe. Very free blowing and flexible, just the way I like those older Lorees to be.
  • Laubin 130. I’m normally not a Laubin fan, but this thing could really sing, and I didn’t feel like it capped me out on the top volume levels like I feel with a lot of other Laubins.

The treat of the litter however was an LI Rosewood Loree English Horn. Man, could this thing rock. Huge sound compared to any of the other English horns, and a really nice warm sound. It was the complete package. Normally with Rosewood instruments I feel like they’re too muffling, but not this baby.

Anyways, I’ll be here for several more days and then head over to Port Townsend to visit Anne. We’ll be oboeing it up, making reeds for her business, and exploring the tiny town of PT!



5 Responses to “Back in Bellingham at it again.”

  1. Bryan Walker said

    Excuse my ignorance, but what is a LI english horn?

  2. Marian said

    Cooper, that sounds like a really fun and interesting vacation! And I love hearing your reports about what is going on in your oboe world. Have a good time!

  3. Bryan Walker said

    That makes total sense now! How much is he asking for it? Im just curious…

  4. Sounds like fun times! Wish I were closer – Spokane is the wrong end of Washington for all that oboe fun. Enjoy PT, it’s a great little town!

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