Ancient Relics on Ebay

May 25, 2011

Martin makes fun of me because I like older Lorees (Late B’s through early D series). But these oboes are well before my taste. Wow, what a relic!

1906 Loree Fully Automatic System – Love that early palisander they first used!

1920’s Loree A series

Both are in pretty sad condition, and I wouldn’t buy them to play on. But they certainly are interesting to look at… or make a lamp out of…

Other fine E-bay finds  include a Costco shipment of 50 cork grease tubes, and a Loree serial NN which some guy thinks was made 12 years ago when in reality it was made about 100 years ago (notice there’s no F# tab, left hand F, and the thinner wall).


2 Responses to “Ancient Relics on Ebay”

  1. Caitlin said

    LoL… love the amazing treasures on ebay!
    One oboe that should still be on there was a D series from Kessler and Sons Music in Las Vegas. I think they have it priced too high, and the store owner wanted me to try it out. It plays like it has a sock in it 🙂

    • cooperwrightreeds said

      D series oboes can be fantastic. I have one that is a DD that is simply the best older instrument I’ve ever played (B, C and D series). Hence I still have it. but it’s a rarity for sure. When you come, you can try it, but knowing your preference for the darker, (you drooled over the yamaha kingwood) it might not be your cuppa.

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