Dreaded last pages.

March 8, 2011

As I mentioned a few days ago, Hansel and Gretel was a real chop killer, and once I got to Act III scene IV (the last three pages), I was always ready to call it a night and just start packing up the instrument. I think you can see there’s two quarter note rests just before the A major modulation, and a few rests on the bottom of the first page. Notice how it begins with Molto Tranquillo (i.e. as slow and tired as the conductor feels that night), and the pp low long tones I get to sit on until the cows come home.

All of this made me begin to think of the last few pages of any piece I absolutely hated in previous performances, and I’d say none come near Sibelius Symphony #2, 4th mvt, last three pages (on the link, it’s pages 9-11). Particularly the last page. You’re sitting there blasting your brains out, and nobody can hear you, and you just want to go home.

So there’s the challenge folks. The gauntlet has been throw down. Name a piece, whose last few pages you absolutely despised playing because they were either  completely boring, completely loud, completely taxing, or a combination of the three!


4 Responses to “Dreaded last pages.”

  1. Marian said

    Beethoven #9

  2. Mike Gaby said

    C’mon..is it Mahler 1? or Shostakovich 5? or Tchaik 5? Anything where the oboe section is suddenly hijacked and thrown into the brass section

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