New Years Resolutions

January 3, 2011

With the new year rolling through, it has given me some time to ponder previous goals, while setting my current goals higher.

Last year’s highlights included:

  • Performing Myaskovsky Symphony #27 with MusicaNova. (Video with me playing 1st, Hannah Selznick playing EH solo)
  • Doing a recital in April.
  • Playing in the Mozart Concerto Masterclass for Gordon Hunt.
  • Making great strides in rounding out my tone and quickening my technique.

My current resolutions are:

  • Finish going through all of the Gillet Studies with Martin. (I’ve currently gotten through #3.)
  • Stay playing a single oboe for the entire year.
  • Make less reeds, Practice more frequently and efficiently.

For almost 4 straight years, I have bought and sold oboes three or four times a year. Last year I started off with the Hiniker and the MJ Loree. I sold the MJ and bought and English Horn early in the spring. The summer I put the Hiniker on auction (and it remains for sale with Peter Hurd) and bought two C series. This fall I sold both C series oboes, and bought a Cocobolo lined Howarth XL, and bought a BF Loree. I sold the BF Loree, and bought a CB Loree. Currently, I technically own the Hiniker, XL, and CB Loree, but the Loree and Hinker are for sale and I’m looking to buy a lined Yamaha Kingwood or a Grenadilla XL.

This year I’ve cut back on the reed business regular. I still make about 60 reeds for subscription reeds, but I no longer take any non-subscription orders except for a few customers who have purchased a lot from me in the past. I’m currently turning away new subscriptions and am trying to spend more time practicing. Learning Gillet studies, Lord knows I need every bit of practice time!


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