Wow, been a long time.

October 16, 2010

Well the last time I posted was IDRS, which I reported I really liked the Howarth XL Cocobolo lined. So, I went out and got one. It’s a different kind of instrument than what I’ve played in previously, but its certainly a fine instrument, and Martin loves it. So that is the instrument I’m playing on.

The Hiniker oboe is still up for sale. Peter shopped it around a bit, but it’s hard to sell a top of the line instrument. I’m having it sent back to Tom Hiniker to check it out and fix anything that needs to be fixed, and then send it back to me.

In terms of reeds, I’ve been using the Mack Pfeiffer for a year now, and recently under the suggestion of my friend Annie Henneke, I’ve started playing around with the Caleb -1 and the Joshua +2. The Joshua +2 is a great shape, more stable, deep, and focused than the Mack Pfeiffer in my opinion, while the Caleb is a darker, heavier, less stable shape than either the MP or the Joshua +2. So I bought a Joshua +2, and I’m passing on the Caleb. (but if anyone wants to buy one, my friend is selling hers for $170). Personally, I’m satisfied with the Joshua and the MF enough to not need the Caleb.


5 Responses to “Wow, been a long time.”

  1. Marian said

    Cooper, I might like to buy it. I’d like to try it first though. One of my friends likes this shape a lot and I have been meaning to try it myself. Can you ask your friend about this? I believe that is a discounted price from the shape bought new?

  2. Marian said

    Also, is the condition of the shape basically new?

  3. EricWG said

    Oooh, I’d be sooo interested in your Hiniker if I had the cash to spend on it.

    Are you planning to attempt to sell again at a later date??

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