Ohhhhhhh–klahoma is the place to be!

May 14, 2010

Well, I found out today I’ll be playing the 2nd movement of the Mozart for Gordon Hunt at Oklahoma. Fun times! Better start practicing.

On a side note, I’m selling my Hiniker. After much debate, I feel that I need two oboes when I hit my doctoral program at full speed, and two Lorees will serve me better than one Hiniker.


2 Responses to “Ohhhhhhh–klahoma is the place to be!”

  1. wjjang said

    Hi, just wondering if you could share with me what you thought about your Hiniker oboe, having played it for nearly 2 years? I’m planning to buy one and wanted to know how it compares to Loree, Laubin, Marigaux and the like.


    • cooperwrightreeds said

      Hi there,
      Did I ever respond to your comment? I played the Hiniker and decided it just wasn’t for me. It’s better than a Laubin in my opinion in that it has more flexibility, projection, and ring, and is more flexible than a Marigaux, but I’ve moved on to a Howarth.

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