April 8, 2010

Boy, has it been that long since I updated this blog?

Since I last wrote, I sold my MJ oboe and purchased a plastic top joint Loree English Horn. Martin said he couldn’t tell it was plastic just by playing it, and Russ DeLuna of the SF Symphony tried it and seemed surprised at how good it was and how there were no indicators regarding the plastic. Just goes to show you that with the right dimensions, a plastic instrument can be almost identical to a wood oboe! I still am not sure what the big stigma is. I jumped at the opportunity to buy the plastic topjoint English Horn, since I don’t play it every day, and I can definitely see myself going months in between touching it and not wanting to re-break it in. And after my NuttyButty experience last December where I cracked a BORROWED English Horn the DAY BEFORE the concert, I certainly never want to relive that again!

I’m playing another solo recital on April 24th. The program is as follows:

  • Vivaldi – Sonata in C minor
  • Rathbun – 3 Diversions
  • Michael Berkeley – Snake
  • Poulenc – Sonata
  • Ibert – Woodwind Trio

I’m playing the Rathbun with my friend Erin Reen who introduced the piece to me. Should be fun!


One Response to “Updates…”

  1. Cooper – I played on a CLEAR PLASTIC Marigaux oboe at one of the Double Reed Conventions a few years back, and it was an extraordinary instrument. Since I play a Marigaux oboe already, my reed was a good match, and my ‘testing’ the horn drew quite a crowd of non-believers! Odd/cool looking, but glorious sounding & feeling, honestly.

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