Upcoming Recital, Reeds, and Practicing

November 30, 2009

I’m playing a recital in a few days. The recital is at Valley Presbyterian Church in Paradise Valley on Thursday, December 3rd at 7:30. Unfortunately, that’s smack during the Oregon/Oregon State Civil War game where the winner takes all and goes to the Rose Bowl, so I’m tempted to skip my own recital! Thank God for TIVO.

My good friend Adam Shapiro is flying down from Seattle to play the recital with me. The program includes:

Variations on “La Ci Darem La Mano” – Beethoven
Sonata in G minor – BWV 1020 – Bach
Graceful Ghost Rag – Bolcom
Bethena – Joplin
Royal Concert #4 – Couperin
Sonata #6 – Zelenka

It should be a fun program.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working a lot with the Loree and the Hiniker simultaneously to get use to the differences, but it probably wasn’t a good idea playing around with them before the recital. In fact, this just seems to be a bad time for a recital with all of the changes I’m trying to make. Martin has me re-evaluating my reed style, and I’ve been shifting my lower lip in more to cover the reed more. It’s a good change, probably just not good timing.

I’ve been playing around with reeds a lot. Part of it is different orders, part of it is adjusting so that I can do what Martin wants me to do more. It’s interesting to me that after all this time, I scraped up two reeds, one on the Weber 1-B and one on the Weber 1-C, and it was like coming home. Somehow I always manage to stray away from the shapes in pursuit of something better, and somehow I always find myself migrating back.


One Response to “Upcoming Recital, Reeds, and Practicing”

  1. Suvayd said

    Hope it went well last night. 🙂 Any sound clips?

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