Concerts, concerts!

November 5, 2009

This upcoming weekend on Sunday I have two concerts! Bruckner Symphony 9 with the William Carragan completion of the 4th movement, and a concert with the Tempe Symphonic Wind Ensemble playing a bunch of Veteran’s Day related music. Brucker at 4pm, TSWE at 7. That’s going to be a long one!

It’s been interesting doing Bruckner this time around, because I have an assistant principal which Musica Nova so generously helped fund. Having an assistant makes such a big difference in this piece, which is so erratic! I start off with a pianissimo low D, and end the piece with fortissimo high E’s, F#s, etc. There’s loud high stuff, loud low stuff, super soft low stuff, super soft loud stuff, bouncy go lucky quick solos, long slow sorrowful solos, and just about everything you can imagine, all in an hour and a half of music. Having an assistant is such a luxury! I am fortunate that I don’t have to build super big reeds to play all the tuttis, and I can build reeds geared toward the quieter, smaller solos which are so darn exposed.

The concert is a lot of fun. There’s four oboes, including I and two other ASU grad students, and Hannah Selznick of Hannah’s oboes. How much more fun can an oboe section have?


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