Update: Martin’s Recital, and CWReeds

October 21, 2009

Wow, has it been that long since I updated my blog?

This past weekend Martin played a recital which was awesome. He plays with such ease and such a calm demeanor, it feels like he’s just playing in his backyard or something. Its interesting how when the musician is calm, it puts the audience at ease as well.

The reed business is going ridiculously well. I get more orders in than I can keep up with, and my waiting list has been three weeks for the past two months it feels like. I wish I could fill orders quicker, but I’m just pushed to my maximum and can’t really do much more without sacrificing quality, which I refuse to do.

I will say that the reed business has become increasingly frustrating, and I’ve had thoughts about closing it down completely, or doing what Mr. Weber does which is “by subscription only”. I am willing to tailor the reeds to some degree, but I’m getting some pretty ridiculous requests. I guess my reputation for customizing reeds has come to a point to make me out to be a miracle worker instead. So, just to clarify:

  1. No, I can not make a reed that makes an oboe sound like a clarinet.
  2. No, I can not make an American style reed that sounds like a Japanese dude on Youtube playing a short-scraped reed.
  3. Yes, I can make a reed 10 cents sharper for your flat reed. No, I can not make a reed that plays an entire tone sharp.
  4. Yes, I can make a reed that is more covered sounding. No, I can not make a reed that makes you sound like John Mack. Only the oboist can make oneself sound like John Mack.
  5. No, I can not make your Loree sound like a Marigaux or visa versa. Namely because your Loree might sound like someone else’s Marigaux, or visa versa.
  6. When asked to describe your desired tonal concept, try to use more specific adjectives than “haunting”, “singing”, “sweet”, “pure”, or “perfect”. These terms are no more descriptive than “non-haunting”, “screaming”, “bitter”, “impure”, or “imperfect”.

I know some of these numbers might sound a bit ridiculous, but trust me. I’ve heard it all. And they make me want to pull my hair out…


2 Responses to “Update: Martin’s Recital, and CWReeds”

  1. Ren said

    No one can sound like John Mack. Ever.

  2. Jennifer said

    Cooper, I just came across your blog and had to comment on this post. I feel your frustration! (I get a lot of requests for #3, especially. Also lots of people want perfect reeds. I’d like one myself!) Hang in there!

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