Reed business, Playing opps, and Lessons with Martin

August 31, 2009

My reed business is going off the charts. This is the first year I’ve had a website which has been connected to paypal, which people seem to prefer much more over sending in checks, and while it does charge me a service fee, it helps me keep my orders in line, and keep records. Last week, it seemed like everyone must have looked in their reed case, realized they didn’t have enough reeds, and ordered, because in a single week I got orders for 60 reeds. My reed waiting list is at about 55, and I’m desperately trying to keep up, be efficient, and fill the orders out.

Meanwhile, I have some playing opportunities coming up. I’ll be playing Oboe d’amore on Bach’s Cantata 36b with the Arizona State University Baroque ensemble. The problem is that it is scored for 2 oboe d’amores, but the version we’re using is scored for one flute and one oboe. The conductor and I both agreed that it’d be nicer if I could play oboe d’amore, which I figured I’d call up Luck’s music and order an oboe d’amore part. Unfortunately, it’s only printed through Barenreiter, so I can’t get individual parts, so I guess I’ll have to transpose. If anyone does have an oboe d’amore I part from the original version, please let me know! I’ll also be playing this season with the Tempe Symphonic Wind Ensemble, which is doing some fun rep, and I’m looking forward to playing in a solid ensemble.

I was tinkering with the idea of flying out to Philadelphia for a visit. Not only is the Philadelphia Orchestra doing Brahms 1 on October 24th, but Richard Woodhams is also performing a recital on October 25th which is certainly not to be missed. I’ve never been there, and would love to see the Tabuteau exhibit at Curtis, as well as some other sites. However, in the end, I think I’ll stick around that weekend, because I’m tinkering with another idea to travel to visit another friend’s recital the weekend after. However, the cantata is supposed to perform twice that week and I’m waiting to hear of the performance dates.

I had a lesson with Martin last Thursday, and we worked on Qui Sedes from the B minor Mass. It was so refreshing to work on different things such as inflections, color changes, and helping me work through a piece that seems relatively simple but is quite complex. I really enjoyed my work with him, and am even more excited to work with him on the Ferlings. I can’t bear the thought that I endured the past two years at the University of Oregon being terrorized by my previous professor when I could have studied with someone like Martin. It’s s shame, but no use crying over spilt milk.

Well, back to tying up some blanks and pumping out some more reeds!


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