Oboe Bboard continued.

August 3, 2009

So the debate goes on…

Drew and I have butted heads over this topic of gouge in the past. He used to have a blog that we discussed once about the importance of the gouge, but this is going far beyond what we previously discussed.

Gouging machines are so darn complicated, and it takes years to understand them. I would say that I understand them now but there is still much for me to learn. In order to really understand gouging machines, I think you’d have to try single radius and double radius machine over a long period of time, grind a blade a couple of dozen times, learn what the guide does/doesn’t do, and how to adjust a machine before you really know which one works best for you and how to manipulate that one to suit your reedmaking. I’m not saying that people out there don’t have good gouging machines for them, but it might not be “tailored” to their scrape unless they’ve worked with someone who could manipulate it according.


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