July 30, 2009

Welcome! I have just moved my blogging over from my website at cooperwrightreeds.com.  Formerly, I blogged at barbaratheoboe.wordpress.com/ before I moved over to my new website. I like the flexibility that WordPress has to offer, as well as the login system they have, so I’m here to stay! Thanks for reading!


3 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. patty said

    So are you going to sell your reeds via this site, Cooper?

    Hope you get things settled soon! I’ve not moved since November of 1980 … can you believe that?! Now I’d LOVE to move; I want a house with no yard, thank you very much! (We do treat this place as if it had no yard, but our neighbors probably don’t appreciate that very much!)

    • cooperwrightreeds said

      Hi Patty,
      I’m not selling them on THIS site, but I will be blogging here. My other website just isn’t as helpful when it comes to blogging. The main annoyance is my website doesn’t have a filter for spam comments!

  2. Cooper – Congrats on your move. I wish you continued success in your new surroundings. ALSO – I’m glad you’re back using WordPress. As a reader of your blog, I like this better. As a blogger, It’s the ONLY way for me!

    Cheers & good reeds,


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